Unlike holiday in Bandung, a trip to the Floating Market Lembang

No need to Borneo or Thailand if you want to enjoy the floating market . In London , there is a new tourist spot that offers the atmosphere of the floating market Floating Market in Lembang .  

This place could be an option holiday weekend .An area of ​​7.2 acres with a lake at its center provides a complete range of entertainment for the whole family . The lake is now a tourist spot was once known as Situ ( Lake ) Umar . Previously , the lake is used for fishing . 

Until then , a natural lake with 8 springs was transformed into a beautiful and wonderful place . Now around him made ​​Saung Saung and walkways . In the front row joglo made ​​of wood that turned out to be used as a gift shop . Above the lake , there are some floating homes that can be rented for various events . 

Special section here of course the dock area where there are 45 boats that peddle a wide variety of tempting culinary tongue . From the boat respectively , serving traders buyers . Call it a variety of snacks such as satay , Tutut , mendoan tempeh , potato twist , selling traditional and drinks are available in full here .

Interestingly , there are also places to eat that part made ​​floating on one side of the dock area . So visitors will feel the sensation of sway when eating on it . In addition to the floating area , also provided a row of seats and a table that extends in the middle of the lake . 

For families who want to relax more freely , there is also Saung Saung comfortable that surround the lake . This gazebo can be rented at prices ranging from Rp 50 thousand to Rp 120 thousand per 2 hours depending on the size and location of huts


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