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Kintamani View
Kintamani is a name of a district in the city of Bangli Bali island. If yesterday I've been posting about Batukaang village which is also located in the district of Kintamani, then now yoshiewafa will discuss about the attractions located in the village of Batur Batur Kintamani subdistrict Bangli town. Batur area attractions available in a wide range of facilities that you can use such as parking lots, restaurants, lodging, restrooms, kiosks, and drink stalls also provide snacks. In this area facilities such as public transport and ferry transport also available.

For more detailed location of the existing attractions in the area is located in the village of Batur Batur, Kintamani district which is the Regency of Bangli town. sea ​​surface temperatures have cool although at times during the day and relatively cold when evening arrives. This attraction can be visited by using a motor vehicle, because the location of this region connects the town of Bangli and Singaraja City. While the route of objects, connecting between the Region Attractions Attractions Tampaksiring Batur and Besakih.

Batur area attraction is visited by the tourists who come from foreign and domestic. The most prominent visit between the months of August, September, when it will welcome the New Year and a New Year mood. Similarly, the time of day-to-day Galungan, Eid and Christmas Day, even this area is also frequented by a state either from the center or overseas guests. 


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