Enjoy Iced Green Bananas In The Bustle Of Makassar

In addition to Coto Makassar, another culinary taste obligatory tourist when traveling to Makassar is green bananas. In this Mamiri Anging City, there is a famous place to eat with a banana delicacy ijonya, want to know where?

Pisang Ijo Bravo, that's the name of a place to eat green bananas were known in Makassar. In fact, if you ask the locals about the location where the most delicious eating green bananas, maybe they will say, "Bravo!"At least, that's what I experienced when traveling to Makassar. 

In the middle of city hot air, it feels fun when eating ice green bananas. I was asked to several people who were there, and almost all the same answer."What good is there in Jalan Andalas, Bravo," said Linda, a local resident of Makassar.Once night falls, my friends and was then left for Bravo. When it's show time at 21:00 pm. Invisible crowd in this shop. 

Without a doubt this leg was stepped inside. Some chairs and wooden tables lined up neatly ready to wait for visitors.After selecting seats, a waiter approached. The green bananas, pallu Butung and ordered grilled brains.While waiting for the food to come, I toured the stalls. Photographing every angle there. I also found a frame that contains the charter.  

It is true diner is the most delicious green bananas in Makassar.Obviously, in the charter says that Bravo has received the award 'Most Favourite Makassar Culinary Award 2011' with green banana ice product categories. I was getting impatient to sample directly the green bananas.Not long after, orders came. Bravo artificial ice green bananas are very tempting. Green color looks so bright, and beautiful combined with red syrup soaked.Do not ask about the feeling.  

Bravo has green banana ice right flavor, ranging from sweet to sweet banana syrup is selected. Once tried definitely want to eat out all right.Not much different from green banana ice, ice pallu Butung owned Bravo is also delicious. There was no sweetness or anything excessive. All was perfect. Turning to the brains. A serving of Bravo brains there are 10 pieces.  

You can eat it with your friends. Flavor of the fish that is in the brain-the brain is very pronounced. More fun if you mencocolnya with peanut sauce.If you are curious about the taste of these foods, do not forget to come straight to the point Bravo in Jl Andalas, Makassar.


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