As He Traveled Snorkling And Diving In Iboih Beach, Sabang

Iboih beach in Pulau Weh, Aceh province, not only so the port for the traveler who wants to visit the Rubiah island. This beach has several comfortable lodging and waters are very clear. Jump snorkeling, you can!

Wooden boat seemed floating in the air was silent because the sea water is difficult to describe the clear to make the boat as if to fly. But in fact the boat floating in the shallow waters Iboih beach, calm, and clear water. Iboih beautiful beach and natural has changed the perspective of the human eye when looking at a boat in the ocean.

To go Iboih, usually departing from Sabang or Port Balohan. By renting a vehicle which can be rented in conjunction with other travelers, or use public transit. 
Iboih only about 1 hour drive only and always skipped by those who will be heading to the Kilometer Zero Point, Sabang. The cost may be to go with the lighter when everyone can spend 50,000, 00 rupias to achieve Iboih. 

Islamic Sharia Law by holding the food in Pulau Weh overall including drinks required halal although in certain places for foreign tourists air-alcoholic beverages can be found. But most of all the places, air-alcohol beverages are not allowed.

Without it, the food and drinks in Iboih still considered quite tasty. The various inns usually have a place to eat in the same environment.

If you want more variety, hurry up a little to the south, the Coast Gapang where some more lively café and restaurant found. Dang Dang Na eg providing food as well hodgepodge Europe.


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