The Mongolian-Style Vacation At Highland Park Resort Hotel,Bogor

What's in the mind when you hear Mongolia? Perhaps the immediate thought is desert plains and vast land camp with tents of white as the home of the nomadic Mongol tribes (to move).

In addition it is home, tents belonging Mongol tribe is indeed the main attraction for foreign tourists visiting the country bordering Russia and China this. Well, similar sights you can find in Indonesia.

A place called The Highland Park Resort-Hotel in Bogor, adapt camp in Mongolia a five-star lodging concept. Entering this area, you will be treated to dozens of white tents with the background a beautiful view of Mount Salak, making anyone who saw admiration. Location This hotel is located just south of Mount Salak.

The idea to build this unique hotel concept comes from David Ibrahim, a businessman. The inspiration to build the Highland Park Resort came after he returned from Mongolia. Considering there is no developer that makes a similar concept, the land area of ​​12 hectares was disulapnya into an inn that is now successfully attracts many visitors.

Entering camp, it immediately feels exotic atmosphere Mongolia. In it there is a curtain so arranged to resemble the style of the King Mongolian tent. While in the ceiling mounted lights with decorative lanterns, creating the feel of a slightly dim. 

 Each room comes with a king size bed, two sofa (extra bed can be replaced), some drawers, hangers and racks for clothes. Stepping deeper, there is a toilet, sink and shower. Camp also features TV with 32-inch LCD screen. Nuance Mongolia increasingly felt by hundreds of lanterns which surrounds almost the entire camp area. At night, lanterns will light up and you will see the beautiful scenery in the evening twilight. 

 The Highland Park Resort has a total of 35 camp consisting of 27 standard camp, 4 deluxe camp, 2 and 2 barrack camp meeting camp can accommodate up to 70 people. For the deluxe camp, the interior is larger than the standard camp with beautiful d├ęcor and equipped with a mosquito net over the bed. While the camp barrack elongated shape with a length of 10 meters and a width of approximately 5 meters. 

 In addition to camp, the resort also has a number of facilities that can be enjoyed ranging from children to adults. There is a mini water boom with sled and mini fountains, outbound arena, flying fox, high ropes and paintball. For sports enthusiasts, this place also provides indoor soccer arena at a cost of Rp 100 thousand per hour. The resort also has a services provider for outbound, at a cost of Rp 200-250 thousand per person. 

If you get bored in the camp area, you can walk around in the surrounding park chrysanthemum and anthurium use horse riding. There are four horses that will take you around the plantation area in the new one opened this year. To enjoy horse riding, charged Rp 30 thousand one round. 

 There are many other activities you can do during the holidays here, one of them holding a barbecue complete with equipment and the package you want. You can enjoy a variety of barbeque menu, at a cost of Rp 100 thousand - 150 thousand per person. No need to worry about the weather in Bogor high rainfall, because it provided a tent that you can use when it rains.

What, are you interested?


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