The Charm Of Three Colors Creater In Kelimutu Lake, Ende Flores

If you've heard the lake three colors, you might immediately recall the Kelimutu. Yeah, this lake does have a characteristic capable of changing colors at certain times. Kelimutu lake is not unusual, but there is a lake on the summit of Mount Kelimutu. The lake is located on the island of Flores, NTT, precisely in the Village Pemo, District Flores, Ende Kapubaten. To access this place, we had to put the plane into Ende town takes about 40 minutes. From here we then traveled to the village Kaonara within 93 miles with approximately 3 hours. Then, from the village of Kaonara we can immediately go up to the summit of Mount Kelimutu foot.

Kelimutu Lake located at an altitude of 1631 meters above sea level. Actually Kelimutu lake is not the only one that can change color in the world. In South Australia, ata a lake that can change color from blue to gray. While in Japan, there is a lake Yudamari able to change color from turquoise to green. But both lakes was predictable color changes, while Lake Kelimutu not. Looking from the side of science, perbubahan is closely related to the minerals and rocks in the crater.

Enchantment attractions Kelimutu is not endless. This lake has water that can turn into a red, white, or blue. According to local people, the colors Kelimutu lake does not just happen. They believe that every color has a special meaning, and there is great power behind it. Water in one of the lakes has a red color and can be changed to maroon or dark green. Other lakes have a dark green color that buses can be easy being green, while the other is a blackish brown at times can turn into a blue sky.

Judging from its name, this lake is a combination of the words "keli" meaning mountain, then "quality" that has meaning to boil. According to belief, the blue lake is a gathering place for the spirits of young people who had died. While the red colored lake is a gathering place for the spirits of his day like to do something evil. While the White Lake is believed to be a gathering place of the human soul is old. Kelimutu lake consists of 3 pieces wide total over 1 million square meters. Each lake bounded by a wall is fragile and prone to landslides. While the peak altitude of the lake is about 150 meters.

Lake Kelimutu is not found by the people of Indonesia but the Dutch. In 1915 a man named Y. Bouman popularized by writing to the beauty of Kelimutu known. Since then many tourists from visiting. Not only for recreation, but some research on the lake.

Kelimutu attractions not only offers a beautiful view of the lake, but it is also a conservation area. Since 1992, the place is officially a conservation area covering Dipterokarp forest, Montane forest, and Ericaceous.


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