Enjoy Surfing At Different Atmosphere In Bono Waves Kampar River, Riau

Seeing the surf at the beach or the sea is something that is common. But to see people surfing on the river flow is an extraordinary thing. Surfing in the river only in a few places in the world. And one of them is on the Kampar River Estuary, Pelalawan, Riau Province commonly called the Bono waves Kampar River. In addition to the Kampar River Estuary or Tidal Bore Wave Bono also found in the Ganges and Brahmaputra (India and Bangladesh), Hindustan River (Pakistan), River Lupar (Malaysia), commonly referred to as brain stem Lupar, Australia, England, France which is called by un Mascaret, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil.

Bono waves Kampar River by local communities in Teluk Meranti, Kuala Kampar, Young Island high as 6-10meter, distant roar bono've Kampar river sounds. According to a story titled Sentadu old Malay Mountain Sea, every coastal Malay warrior should be able to conquer the waves Bono to improve their fighting skills, they used to call the "bekudo bono", or driving with bekudo bono bono Malay warriors can keep their body balance.

Bekudo bono has a mystique, prior to the first ritual bekudo bono dilakukakn ceremony "semah" which made ​​the morning or afternoon. The ceremony was led by Datuk Bomo or village elders or with the intention that Bono motorist safety and always gets away from all distress. 


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