Enjoy The Freshness Of Anai Valley, West Sumatera

Anai Valley is a high waterfall about 30 meters located in West Sumatra, Indonesia. More precisely, Anai Valley lies between the city of Padang to Bukittinggi in Indonesia. The waterfall is located on the edge of the border with jambatan and grounding the old railway is no longer used.

Travelers who land at Minangkabau airport and were heading to Bukit Tinggi will be able to see the beauty Anai Valley waterfall in the middle of the road.
Anai Valley is located in District X Koto, Singgalang Nagari exactly in Padang-Bukittinggi highway a distance of about 40 kilometers from the center of Batusangkar (via Padang Panjang).

Anai Valley itself is a protected natural reserve area. In the shade of the woods there are some rare plants as well as the attraction of the Anai Valley Nature Reserve, one of which is the corpse flower (amorphyphalus titanum). This corpse flower thrives in the woods. In addition there are also some carrion flower timber plants is the main attraction of this nature reserve areas, among cangar, sapek, Madang Siapi-fire (Litsea adinantera), Cubadak / Cempedak water (Artocarpus sp), Madang babulu (gironniera nervosa), and other more.

There are also rare endangered animals, including the Sumatran tiger (tigris phantera sumatrensis), deer (cervius timorensis), gibbon (Hylobates syndactylus), long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicu-selling), monkey (Macaca nemestrena), pangolin (sweet java - nica), deer (Tragulus sp), tapir, and lizards. Animals are often encountered by tourists as it passes through this region, is a long-tailed macaques, gibbons and monkeys. All three animals are always moving to find fruits that are found in the forests up to the side of the highway. In the meantime, to see the other animals need professional assistants who take visitors directly to the animals used to play and foraging. In addition to these animals, Anai Valley Nature Reserve is also home to various birds, such as hawks (accipitriade sp), birds balam (bolumbidae), birds pigeon, and quail. Hawks normally live high in the trees. If lucky, visitors can see it when the bird is flying around the jungle to find their prey.


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