Devdan, The Most Spectaculer Show Stage Contemporer in Nusa Dua

"Devdan - Treasure of the Archipelago" is a spectacular modern & contemporary acrobatic and dance performance inspired by the culture of Indonesia. The 90-minute show will take you on a wondrous journey, starting in Bali and going on to Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Papua. This high-energy show is performed on a purpose built stage that is full of special effects including world-class lighting & sound, fire effects, superb aerial acrobatics, different types of smoke and fog and at one point it even rains inside the theatre.

Along their journey to the islands of Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Papua, the children encounter life-size puppets, marauding monkeys and torrential rains.

Feel your heart beat with excitement as you encounter gigantic traditional puppets and a enchanted weaving hut with magnificent and brilliantly crafted hi-tech special effects, superb illusions and life defying aerial acrobatics. Explore the genuine heritage and beauty of Indonesia with the show’s contemporary songs and dances, accented by dramatic and thrilling action. This mega production is a “must see” show, truly a “once in a lifetime experience”.
Scene One - Bali

Traditionally, at the end of each harvest the Balinese celebrate a bountiful crop and the children love to fly kites.

The serene sights & sounds of a traditional Balinese village set the stage. Two children from a passing tourist group are lost and find themselves amongst the villagers. The performers celebrate with a rice harvest dance and the flying season for kites. A dramatic end occurs with a Kecak dance the village being engulfed with fire and chaos.

Scene Two - Sumatra

One of the things Sumatra is known for is the beautiful material they produce in endless colors and patterns, it is known as Songket

A silken piece of Batik fabric swallows the children as they disappear beneath its power and they reappear in a small traditional village in Sumatra. Hear and enjoy the sights and sounds of a bustling street market where vendors sell vegetables, fruits, pottery and local wares. Amidst the market, performers play with fiery whips, they juggle and dance for rain. The village weavers create the beautiful Batik fabric with their magical looms.

Scene Three - Java

The traditional ceremonial knife used by the Javanese warriors long ago is called a Kris.

A magical Javanese knife takes the children to a township on the island of Java, where warriors reign supreme. A fight breaks out and a warrior is fallen, but the good spirits grant him a second chance. A Princess with her band of chambermaids befriends the cowering children. At the Princess's request the chambermaids perform their dance of the flowers. The children are entertained with a traditional puppet show, where the puppets come alive.

Scene Four - Borneo

"Dayak" is the local name for the native people, they are best known for the majestically beautiful women and their strong belief and use of ancient magic rituals.

In the sleepy fishing village, where the local ladies sell their fish, charming romance is in the air. For one special couple, they take to the air in a fanciful display of their youthful feelings of love. To take their bountiful catch from the ocean's grip, villager's plunge and splash the salty waters. A group of young maidens share the spectacle of a beautiful water dance, while Dayak boys working in the harbor show their macho skills of balance and dance.

Scene Five - Papua

The tribes of Papua are people bound by the "good earth" and the bounty of nature. They are extremely talented hunters and wood carvers.

From under the majestic limbs of the banyan tree, across the still waters of the grand lake floating on a simple raft, the villagers land upon the shore. There is a celebration at hand, preparation for the upcoming annual festival. They paint their faces in the ancient way, adorn their tribal dress and prepare for the festival of manhood. All the while the children witness the full spectacle of dance and traditional lore.


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