Reog, The One Of The Cultural Arts From Indonesia

Reog is one of the cultural arts from East Java and the northwestern part Ponorogo Reog regarded as the hometown of the real. Roxburgh town gate was decorated by the figure warok and gemblak, two figures who have appeared at the time reog performed. Reog is one of the local culture in Indonesia is still very strong with things mystical and powerful mysticism.

Modern Reog usually performed in several events such as weddings, circumcisions and the great days of the National. Reog Ponorogo art consists of a series of 2 to 3 opening dance. The first dance is usually performed by 6-8 valiant men dressed all in black, with red polished face. The figure depicts the lion dancers are brave. Next is a dance performed by girls who ride horses 6-8. In the traditional reog, dancers are usually performed by male dancers dressed in women. This dance is called a braid or Jathilan horse dance, which should be distinguished from other dances that lumping horse dance.

Other opening dance if there is usually a dance by a little boy who brought the funny scene called Bujang Ganong or Ganongan.

After the opening dance is complete, the new core scenes whose content is displayed depends reog condition where art is displayed. When it comes to marriage, the romance scenes are displayed. For the celebration of circumcision or circumcision, is usually the story of warriors,

Art scene in reog usually do not follow a neat scenario. Here there is always interaction between players and masterminds (usually the leader of the party) and sometimes with the audience. Sometimes a player's performances can be replaced by another player when the player's fatigue. The first importance in the staging of art reog is to give satisfaction to the audience.

The final scene is a barong lion, where the actors wear masks shaped head of a lion with a crown made of peacock feathers. Weight mask can reach 50-60 kg. Heavy mask is carried by the dancers with his teeth. The ability to bring masks are obtained in addition to weight training, is also believed diproleh with spiritual exercises such as fasting and penance.


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