Enjoy The Beauty of Kepulauan Seribu In 4 days 3 nights

There are already plans to spend a long weekend tomorrow? If not, there is no harm in choosing the Thousand Islands as a destination. You can walk around this island in just 4 days and 3 nights. Fun!

Spend a long holiday weekend is not necessarily to distant places. For those of you who are in the capital city of Jakarta, choose the Thousand Islands as a holiday destination is also fun too!

There are many islands can be visited there. In fact, with a 4 day 3 night you've been able to round some of the Thousand Islands. Want?

1. First Day

To get the maximum vacation, you'll want to leave early in the day, around 08.00 pm. The crossing by boat to the Thousand Islands can be through a lot of docks, such as the Marina, Kali Adem or Muara Angke. If you want to walk you satisfied but still efficient and comfortable, there's no harm in choosing the Port of Kali Adem. Enough to pay Rp 32 000, you can cross by boat to the island destination grouper.

The island can you flown as a place to stay is the Island Tidung. The cost of staying on the island is also relatively inexpensive. Enough to pay Rp 200,000, you can stay for 8 people. Cheap is not it?Arriving at Tidung, rest for a moment before continuing the activity. Sitting on the beach enjoying the breeze, accompanied by a young coconut will make you the perfect vacation. Enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the island Tidung.

After the break, continue with the activity of swimming in the sea or fishing. For the more adventurous you are, the holidays can be followed by a cross to the other islands, such as the Boy Scouts. The rent is quite cheap. By hiring a wooden boat for Rp 15.000/orang, you can cross the island. Spend some time there. Scout Island to enjoy snorkeling as underwater nature is still preserved. Satisfied snorkeling, come to the breeding of turtles in the east of the island.

Before the evening arrived, a time to stop at the Island Grill not far from the Boy Scouts. There you can visit the cultivation of coral reefs. Late afternoon, return to the island and enjoy the sunset Tidung beautiful there.

2. Day two

Welcomes you to the bright morning sun rises on the island Tidung. Then continue the fun event. The next destination is the Middle Kotok Island. Being in the Middle Kotok island seemed to be in private, because not many residents. The sea and the sand is still clean, fun to swim. Do not forget to snorkeling, yes!

Satisfied in Central Kotok, do not change clothes and crossed to the island of Sepa. Underwater adventure is awaiting you there. Sepa underwater no less beautiful to another island. Clear seawater can be enjoyed with a snorkel.

Satisfied snorkeling, time to go back to the island Tidung. Rest enough for other exciting activities are waiting for you.

3. Day Three

Snorkeling was spent in the first and second day. On the third day, it's time to enjoy the hustle and bustle of life around the Thousand Islands. Navigate your charter boat to the island of Palm. This island is one of the most densely populated island. Spend time by chatting with people and enjoy typical fish balls made by residents.

Of Coconut Island, time to shop for souvenirs for people back home. Fortunately the island of Java and the Sun could be an option. Stalls selling handicrafts made by the Thousand Islands may be found there. One gift is his trademark craft lunkhead shells and seaweed. After shopping for souvenirs, the journey can continue to sell the place to eat delicious seafood. Yummy!

4. Day Four

This is the last day of your vacation in the Thousand Islands. Spend time with the island while enjoying breakfast on the beach. You can choose to use the grouper on the crossing at 13.30 pm. In order not to run out of tickets, should you book a ticket from the morning.


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