Derawan Island Is The Perfect Tropical Paradise

If you want to unwind a bit of noise Capital City, visiting the island Derawan seems to be a solution. No need for long, simply provide a 3 days 2 nights, you can explore the island. The island is full of tranquility is located in District Derawan, Berau, East Kalimantan. In addition to promising tranquility, the island and surrounding Derawan also always provide natural beauty, good beaches, and underwater.

White sand, clean sea, friendly locals, and the expanse of stars at night is really a luxury itself.
Derawan Island is the perfect tropical paradise. Here warm atmosphere with views of fine white sand beaches, palm trees waving, the pure sea changes color from green to dark blue. Underwater life here extraordinary, you'll find giant tortoises, dolphins, stingrays, manatees and barracudas, stingless jellyfish. Shark Derawan here is one of the world's biodiversity. Not surprisingly, Derawan island known as the best dive destinations in the world.

Located just off the mainland of East Kalimantan in Berau, the archipelago comprises 31 islands Derawan and the most famous of which is the island Derawan, Maratua, Sangalaki, and Kakaban. This is where green turtles breeding rare and dangerous, also turtle shell. You can watch the turtles lay eggs every day in the sand or swim out to sea with the turtles. The entire marine conservation area is the extent of not less than 1.27 million hectares.

This is where you can find 460 species of corals and ranks second after the Raja Ampat in West Papua. Board conservation place and the team of international experts also found more than 870 species of fish here, ranging from pygmy seahorses to giant manta rays. In recent days, a group of manta rays in amounts of about 50 were seen dining together at the waters Derawan.

While in Kakaban, you can find jellyfish lake's largest and most diverse in the world, including four unique species of stingless jellyfish can swim upside down. This is the reason why Kakaban considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site nomination.


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